Discolorations and/or "growths" on face (sun damag

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Basically, I have a scaley brown splotch under one eye, and two small, skin-colored growths that look like pale moles. I imagine this is all sun damage from spending my teen years and early twenties on the beaches of Florida getting that beautiful, deadly tan.

Has anyone ever had these sorts of things treated and/or removed by a dermatologist? If so, any ideas of the cost?
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    while they might be nothing at all, it is a good idea to get them checked out by a dermatologist.

    basal cell skin cancer can look like those flesh-tone moles you described.

    if it is tan damage only, the cost to remove all three at once ranges between $25 and $25 Canadian up here.

    i should warn you that this is for cauterizing - burning them off. a laser treatment would be much more expensive.

    it hurst like hell, and you can smell your skin burning, which is quite unpleasant! :(

    put any drugstore cream that you would put on a burn from cooking over the wound and then hide it under a small round bandaid.

    i've never had any scars left on my face from having things like this removed despite the fact that i get bad scarring on my body from cuts.

    and you *are* wearing SPF 30 or more on your face now, aren't you?
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    Thanks for the info, Rou :) I wear SPF 15 under my make-up every day, and SPF 30 if I am going out in the sun for some reason. Unfortunately, I was so wreckless earlier in life that I have already done damage.

    I will definitely make an appointment at the dermatologist, as these may well be cancer, considering all the facts.
    3A canopy with 3B underneath
    Low poo, not afraid of amine-based silicones or polyquats, silk proteins are good as well.
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    i had photofacial (laser treatment) for my whole face a few years ago because of all the freckling and sun spots on my face (like you, i was a reckless youth). it was soooo freaking expensive, but highly worth it. it basically zaps all the damage away and leaves skin smooth and spot free. this was important to me not only for aesthetics, but because i was always afraid of a spot being pre-cancerousous. start saving your money and go for it!
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