Lovers of Batia & Aleeza gel

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Whats the best way to apply it and whats your favorite thing about it (the smell doesn't count ;) )?
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    I always apply my products to sopping wet hair. I love how shiny my hair is with this gel. It's also very easy to distribute! :)
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    B&A gel is my absolute HG of all time.

    I apply, by first towel blotting my hair of some of the excess water. I then brush (yes, I must brush or run a comb through my freshly washed and conditioned hair every morning) and then apply B&A in "sections". I first take a big puddle and put it over the top layer of my hair. Then I pull up the top (canopy I guess) section and put another puddle on the "bottom side" of the canopy and on the top of the next layer. Then I pull up another section and do the same and so on until all layers of my hair are coated.

    To finish I usually bend over and put the last puddle over the bottom (underneath) of my hair, paying special attention to the ends.

    When I stand back up I scrunch my hair all over before blow drying with a diffuser.

    In all I probably use 4 or 5 palmfuls of B&A every morning. It may sound like a lot but a bottle of this stuff seems like it lasts forever.

    What I love about it is the curl definition, shine, and staying power/hold. Nothing I have used has even come close to it.
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