i need heeeelp

i think with the no poo routine and other products my curls are "curly" now but i still have one problem, my hair keeps getting "Up" while its drying :-( like a little afro like ....i dont really like that okay its not THAT bad and a lot of ppl think it looks cool but if its possible i would like to have more "flat" hair.does anyone know how to achieve that look?


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    I dont know if its the same thing I get, but I find it tames my hair down when I leave a towel on my head as it dries. I let my hair hang normally, and place a towel on top, wrap around and tuck in at the back of my neck, like a nuns habit :lol: I always find this helps flatten my hair a bit, I don't like it BIG

    Liz xx
    Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

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