HELP PLEASE! What do I ask for at the Hairdressers?

Hello all I'm new, a long time lurker, but I often come here for advice and help.

Being brave next week and going for my first hair cut in years, too many bad experiences, you know?

Here in Britain we don't have any Ouidad salons as far as know, otherwise I'd be them like a shot.

So what do you advise I ask for at the hairdressers? At the moment my hair usually looks more like 2B, but since going no poo it's getting curlier and I'd love to encourage that. It's about 3 inches past bra strap and I really don't want to loose too much length. At the moment it's far too triangle head, and I'd love it to have some shape.

Any comments greatly appreciated!
pics below
This one is the level of curl I get normally


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    Maybe ask for subtle, well-blended long layers?
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    Yep thats exactly what I'd ask for. I used to cut hair here in the UK and was trained to cut curls, but not in the Ouidad or Deva way.

    A good hairdresser should take into consideration the curls and spring factor and I'd definately ask for long layers. My hairdresser does cut my hair wet and pulled straight, but my curls seem to love it.

    BTW you coul be my hair twin :D
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    Pit girl we so could be hair twins, I love the shape of you hair. What do you ask for when you get it cut, just the long layers?
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    blissfullyeccentric, your curls are very cute, not to mention you're adorable. My recommendation is always to ask around. If you know of other curly girls whose hair you like, I would ask them who cuts their hair. I never go to someone new without a recommendation from another curly. I'm far too conservative to take a huge risk I might regret for many months of growing out my hair. I'm also terrible at asking for what would look good. I found my stylist on this site by clicking on the curlsalons link. Not sure if there are any listed on there for your area, but it's worth a look. My stylist is very good at helping me find the right shape for my hair. I totally trust her. But I do agree with the other girls that a few longer layers help, too. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the compliments :D
    I have a shorter chin length layer and from there on they blend to the ends. I am actually trying to grow them all a bit longer and the back long layer should be all one length but because the middle doesn't curl so well I guess its kind of rounded on the back.
    I also have face framing layers at the front and some silly bangs I'm trying to grow out. :roll:
    But all I ask the hairdresser for is a style rather than just a trim.
    If you like it that much your quite welcome to print me off and show the hairdresser, Id love 5 mins of fame :lol:
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