Discouraged With My Transitioning 4B(?) Hair

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I have been trying to transition from relaxed hair to my natural hair. I have been growing my hair out since October '06. I got so frustrated with the tangles and feel of my new hair I recently used a texturizer. Now, my hair is just as straight as when I used the relaxers last year! Ugh. I have no idea what to do I think I screwed up this whole transitioning thing. Plus, I don't like the dry steel wool feel of my hair. My scalp was sore too. If you have any advice please respond. My hair is short and I can't do much "styling" I think I might just go back to the relaxers...this is harder than it looks.



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    I know how difficult it is to grow out relaxed hair. I've been natural now for only three months. I used to wear my hair relaxed and very, very short. So... when I decided to go natural, it was VERY difficult to style during this growing out period and I was always frustrated. My hair was very dry and 'brillo' like underneath my perm. I used JessiCurl products while I was transitioning. They were moisturizing enough for the new growth and yet not greasy or sticky for my still permed hair. I started deep conditioning once a week, also. My hair is 3c/4a. I'm still not used to my natural hair (the maintenance and figuring out how it works) but I do love it much better than when my hair was permed. I feel like this is more me. If this is truly what you want, stick with it. Once it's all natural, it's much better. Dealing with two textures was the most difficult part of the transition process. My scalp was a little sore as well, but once my natural hair got more length, that stopped too. Don't give up! It's all worth it! :)

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    Thanks so much! I'm glad I checked back in on the site today. I will try to find the product you talked about. I think it will be worth it in the long run, I have to be more patient. I thought going natural would be easy. I was really going to give up, but I saw all these girls on tv this weekend with natural hair and I thought, I can't wait for my hair to grow out. I think a little more length will make it easier to care for too.

    Thanks again.

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    Transitioning can be very difficult, especially when dealing with the two textures. I transitioned for over 2 years(I didn't want to chop it off and wanted to continue to heat-style my hair). Deciding to go natural, is a lifestyle change. Everything you thought you knew about your hair goes out the window. What works for the relaxed sections will not work for the natural hair growing in, so it will be important to try new things. It's going to be a trial and error process, but the one thing that kept me motivated was that I was going to have healthy and strong hair in the process, and my hair is healthier than it ever was as a permie. And I have flexibility. I can get my hair staighter as a natural than I ever did as a permie, and I can go back to my curls when I want to, rather than being stuck and over-manipulating my hair to make it look like what it does naturally.

    Just stick with it if you are really serious about it. Remeber that nothing good comes that easy, but the reward will totally outweigh the difficulties of the transitioning process.

    Good Luck! :)
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    These are great inspirational pictures! This is another thing that kept me going. Since my hair started out so short, my curly idols were Jada Pinket Smith (when her hair was short and curly), Halle Berry, Eva Pigford, etc. all the short haired beauties. I would look at these photos and they would keep me going when I thought I just couldn't do it anymore. Hang in there and you'll be rewarded by a hair full of natural, healthy, curls! Should you need more encouragement, just come back to the transition boards. We've all been there and no, it isn't easy but so well worth it.

    Stay strong! :)
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