scab hair

UhhhhlaynaUhhhhlayna Registered Users Posts: 20
What is "scab hair?" I've been reading a lot about it, but I have no idea what it is.



  • st. louis bluest. louis blue Registered Users Posts: 404
    Some people who have transitioned from relaxed to natural hair experience the first patch to of new growth to be rough, brillo-like hair, suggesting that there was some damage to the follicle from the previous relaxers. After a couple of inches, then softer, virginal damaged hair grows in.

    This is all anecdotal, I haven't read anything from a hair expert or scientist that confirms the phenomenon of "scab hair."
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    i've actually had 2 different people describe to me that there is a coating on the scalp that results from years of relaxing (and the harshness of the chemicals). one was a natural beautican who says it takes about 7 years for the scalp to fully recover from the chemicals and one who was a mortician who says that when black women who relax die a coating comes off the scalp (i think like a craddle cap, a thin coating all around). other than these 2 i'd never heard of it either but it makes sense and when you think about what a relaxer can do i'm so glad i don't relax anymore....
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    Gross. Im glad I'm not relaxing anymore either.

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    l0l yeah that is pretty gross. Umm in my photo album, i have a picture of what i believe to be scab hair since my texture is nothing like that anymore. It's under the texture shots album so take a look if you'd like.
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    I'm not sure how I feel about scab hair, but I go to a natural stylist who told me that relaxers can cause problems for some people i.e from either overprocessing or the relaxers being misapplied. Therefore the hair has to recover and at times the follicle is damaged as state before. The way she described the damage is think of a wound that is healing at times a scab forms on it but later after it heals the area is fine.

    I think that in Let's Talk Hair- Pam Ferrell talks about Scab Hair if not then it may have been in No Lye- I can't think of the author of this book.
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    Hmmm... I'm thinking I've got a case of the scabbies, but I won't be completely sure until I BC in a week or so. It feels super rough and I don't like it. Ugh. Still gross.

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    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me come up with my own curly regime since I'm still transitioning since to natural for about 1 year and 3 months 10 I really need some curly hair help.....PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME..... :( :?

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