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Hi, everyone. I'm new to the community and would like a little help... I see a lot of people mentioning that they use honey, either in their conditioner or alone. Does this mean they are adding regular, store bought honey to their products, or mixing it with water as a conditioner? How do you use it?

(Just starting CG, but used to shampooing only once a week anyway. I think I'm a FIA type 2c - wavy canopy, but underneath is more like a 3a (hoping that it will all be 3a as time goes on). Using Nexus Humectrant as CO, and HE Organics gel.)



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    I mix a little bit of regular honey (up to a teaspoon) with my conditioner in my hand. Just don't add the honey directly to your conditioner bottle, or it may spoil the product.

    Just a note, if you're on CG, Humectress may not be the best conditioner. It has quite a bit of mineral oil, which will probably require shampoo to remove. Just a heads up. :)
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    Thanks for the help, and the info about Humectress. I haven't had much time to get out and go shopping other than the local supermarket and pharmacy.
    Is there a CO that I might be able to find at an Eckerd/CVS or Wal-mart that you could recommend?
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    I just started on the CG train as well, maybe a month ago. IMO, the best two drugstore conditioners to try are VO5 (either kiwi lime or milk something-or-other, both are good) - if you don't have a lot of tangle issues. If you do have tangle issues, I would go with the Aussie Original 3 minute miracle. (not the 'Deeeeep' version - it has stuff in it that only comes out with shampoo.)

    When I co-wash, I'll use the vo5 for 'washing' and the 3MM for conditioning.

    Hope that helps!
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    I like to use just a drop of honey with my leave-in conditioner. As a matter of fact, I'd gotten out of the habit lately and my hair has been looking so blah. The curls aren't very well defined and the coils are slightly fuzzy. This morning, I remembered the honey and added a drop....poof! My hair is looking great so far...
    I'm a 3b, with 3c underneath.

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    Hello! Back when my hair was lighter, I would mix a dab of honey with my gel when applying product. It gave me great curls, but it does lighten hair a bit, fyi. Now I use molasses, as I am sportin the dark brunette fro 8) Also, it works get as a face mask lol it helps w/ moisture and break outs.
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    Do you know exactly what honey is doing to the hair when it's put in, how it lightens hair, etc? Does it smooth down the cuticle or something? I just tried some today and was amazed that a)I didn't have flies following me around and b)my hair does look a half-shade lighter (yay!). So now I'm just wondering the science of what it's doing...