Any AROMALEIGH users out there?

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I love this stuff! I bought their powder foundation awhile ago and liked it so much that I have since bought their Pure Rouge blush powder, Pure Drama eyeliners (the entire set!), two of the eyeshadows and a pot of their lip/cheek stain.

Their stuff has fabulous texture and beautiful colors! I want to buy it all but I'm trying to be good.

My DH complimented me on my beautiful skin last night, after I had just put on my make-up for an evening out.

Anyone else use it? Wanna compare notes on products and colors?
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    I'm just about to get some samples! I've been looking at it and the AL Board for color suggestions.

    Do you like their lip/cheek stain? I love lipstick, so I'm kind of excited to try that.

    Have you been using Mineral Makeup for very long? I've actually never used it before, so I really don't know if I'll like it. I've heard people rave about it, though. I think I found out about them on another board when I was looking for a way to try it (or get samples) without committing too much money.

    I have light neutral (I think) skin (I burn easily, but will tan, if I allowed myself to), dark brown hair and very blue eyes. I think I must have some neutral coloring, b/c I can look good in warms and cools, depending. (Though sometimes I wonder if I'm just deceiving myself). Anyway, any suggestions about colors or products would be helpful.
  • SmithsGirlSmithsGirl Registered Users Posts: 100
    I like the lip/cheek stain ("Color Wash") for lipstick but not for my cheeks. I have oily, acne prone skin and it has some oils and waxes in it that didn't work well for me. I do like the color--"Currant." It was maybe a little more golden than I expected but still nice. If you have dry skin, it would probably be great as a cheek stain. It has a very light, creamy texture. The Pure Rouge powder blush (in "Nectar") works better for me.

    I have dark brown hair, very light skin, green eyes and I use her 1N (I believe it is Ivory Neutral) foundation. My favorite thing about it is that there is no pink in it at all. It's a pure beige. (If you have pink-toned or more yellow-toned skins, you can get the foundation in pink or yellow tones.) It's probably the best match I've ever had in a foundation or powder for my skin.

    I've been using it for about six weeks now and can't say enough good things about it. Her eyeshadows are awesome, too. Very blendable and can be either sheer or dramatic, depending on how much you put on. I have "Elfen" and "Swoon" from the Midsummer Nights Dream collection.

    If you haven't used it before, I'd recommend getting just a sample size. I started with the sampler jar of foundation, which lasted about a month, or they also have a sample baggie, which gives you two or three uses. Much easier to order samples of a few shades and try them if you're not sure.
    "In the days when you were hopeless and poor, I just liked you more."

    formerly jodib70
    3a/3b, baby fine; growth goal: bra strap length.
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    I usually don't have a problem finding a foundation match with drug store makeup so I'm thinking it won't be a problem with this. Since the samples are so cheap I thought I'd go ahead and try a few just in case. I might even try some bronzer since summer is coming. (and then I might as well spend $25 to get the free lip liner, right? :roll: )

    Do you find that the colors are pretty true? I guess they say it's all about your computer screen though. I have trouble sometimes with matching the descriptions to what I'm seeing on the screen. I've been reading on the AL Afficiondos board and some of the ones they love don't look like colors I would automatically go to.

    Everyone seems to love their lip gloss, but it seems so expensive to me.

    Oh, one more question. Do you use their brushes to apply? They're kind of expensive, so I was wondering if they make a huge difference.
    I might try with the flocked sponge.
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    The powder, eyeliner and color wash colors were fairly true to the web photos.

    The two eyeshadows I got weren't quite like the photos. "Swoon" is much more grey and "Elfen" much more brown than the photos on the site. Might be because they're iridescent blends of several colors. They even look different in the jar than on my skin. But they are still great colors and very wearable.

    I saw that she's coming out with lipstick in the near future--40 colors. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all her color choices! But I'm excited to see her lipsticks.
    "In the days when you were hopeless and poor, I just liked you more."

    formerly jodib70
    3a/3b, baby fine; growth goal: bra strap length.
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    Hi Ladies,

    I've been using Aromaleigh for about 1 1/2 years now. I have never been disappointed with any product from skincare to brushes to makeup. All the colors are so rich and true. The skincare is so healing and the brushes are superior quality but not Nordstrom prices. I'm very happy with this company.

    Dollyface :)
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    I'm using an old set of Estee Lauder brushes that I've had for years, but I'm really intrigued by Aromaleigh's Kabuki brushes. Might be something to put on my Christmas list. :D
    "In the days when you were hopeless and poor, I just liked you more."

    formerly jodib70
    3a/3b, baby fine; growth goal: bra strap length.

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