Woes of a wavie spouse

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After 13 years with my husband, he finally encapsulated my hair hell. Last night while talking about my hair he said, "What is it that they call almost curly hair again? Pain in the ass?" I just love him.


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    That's too funny!

    I was complaining about my hair to my DH. He says "But it seems to me you have the best of both worlds. You can go curly or straight." To which I replied "I don't want the best of both worlds. I want one perfect roll out of bed in the morning and just go world."
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    Good stories. Mine is somewhat similar as I decided to embrace my waves/curls (I'm a 2a/2b). My wife (who is straighthaired) says, "I wish my hair would curl like that.
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    My in-laws are all straight, so they love my curly hair. Only my husband understands that it's not just "wash and go" the way they think it is. I'm just glad he likes it curly. I'm going through a restorative period where I've stopped straightening my hair (again), and I still struggle with the idea that it just doesn't look "polished". You'd think I'd be over this by my age (40)!

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