please help b4 i have no hair left!!!

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I am a black woman with hair type 3c with a small patch of 4a on the top center of my head. My hair used to be very long and chemical free. I decided to use a product called The Hair Bodiphier System. It is supposed to be an all natural, 100% chemical free hair straightening system. I followed the instructions exactly. The moment after rinsing the product out of my hair and ever since I used it about 4 weeks ago my hair is just constantly falling out. Any time I touch it, it falls out. If I look at it too hard it falls out. I can not do anything to my hair because any time I touch my hair just with my hand I literally have a hand full of hair in my hand. Before using the product my hair while curly came halfway down my back, now the longest part of my hair barely reaches my shoulders. What can I use to repair, strengthen and save what little hair I have left? :cry::cry:


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    I'm so sorry that happened to you. If it were me I would

    --Immediately consult a pro if I know one I can trust
    --stop shampooing with sulfates
    --Try an apple cider vinegar rinse to acidify the hair's pH
    --condition frequently
    --don't manipulate the hair any more than necessary
    --think about wearing a protective style some of the time that doesn't pull at the hair (twists or loose puff)
    --Perhaps do a deep protein treatment like Aphogee
    --Get the uneven damaged ends cut off
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