Can you teach a 2 year old dog to stop pooping in the house?

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I adopted my dog from a friend that does rescues. I don't want to get rid of her, but I'm at my wit's end.

It takes her forever to use the bathroom. I don't mind her taking a while when we're on a walk, but I don't have time to walk her every time she needs to go outside. I put her in her crate if she doesn't go poop when I take her outside, but some days she'll end up in her crate for the entire day. I feel bad.



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    So she's not pooping in the crate? She can obviously hold it for the day then, thats not the issue.

    I would get a puppy pen and attach it to the front of the crate, giving her just enough room to come out and turn around. Give it a few days at that size and if she stays accident free, make it a little bigger and continue the routine until it's as big as it will go.

    This way it's still her space, and she hopefully won't poop in it. After awhile you should be able to leave her loose without a problem. This is what I did with the girls when they were puppies and we've never had a problem, not sure how well it will work though with an older dog.

    Good luck!
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    Gram was 2 1/2 when I adopted him, and there were many accidents. I would just be persistent by keeping him on a schedule, and making a huge deal when he did poop - giving him treats and mucho praise.

    My latest problem is that he won't squeeze it out all at once - he prefers to poop several times in a row: poop, walk a bit. Poop again. walk a bit. I end up picking up 3-5 bags of small poop. I have no solution for a delayed or multiple pooper.
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    I have no solution for a delayed or multiple pooper.

    :lol: That cracked me up b/c that's exactly what one of my dogs does.

    You're right though about making a big deal out of it. I've found food rewards to be the most effective. Unfortunately, they can regress if you stop giving treats, but to me it's a smaller inconvenience to have treats with you on walks than pick up poop in your house. Good luck, it can be done!
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    I have a multiple pooper. And a angry pooper (He'll squeeze an uneeded poop out in the house if he is mad at us!)
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    So does she have accidents in the house at all?? Or is she a stubborn pooper?? Mine will sometimes go 12 hours (and I let her out a million times a day :roll: ) If she's not having any accidents then this is a good thing. Can you walk her up and down the street, not really a true walk but enough to get her insides moving so that she does go?

    Call your vet and ask if they have any suggestions too. Sometimes they do.

    Good for you for not getting rid of her, it'll take a while but she will conquer the poop problem!!!
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    How big is the dog?

    I ask because I have a litter for my dog and if she doesn't poop outside or if it's raining (and she REFUSES to go) at least she'll poop in the litter.

    I wouldn't want to have a big dog pooping in my house, though.

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    If you have a local humane society, they probably have information that could help, or they could connect you with an animal behaviorist.

    Dogs can be incredibly picky about where they poop outside. Some will only poop on grass, some on concrete, some on gravel. Some have to poop as far away from you as they can get. Sometimes walking the dog around in tight circles helps get them in "the mood."

    Big praise and a reward for pooping outside helps a lot. The dog will think you're crazy (I'm getting paid for THIS?! Suckah!) but who cares.

    Ozzy always has to poop on a huge mountain of snow, or in really tall grass or failing all else, on the curb itself. Diesel has to screech up to her chosen spot at breakneck speed, then sudden brakes! and poop.
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    So she's not pooping in the crate?

    Nope. She's peed in there once, but has never pooped.

    So does she have accidents in the house at all?? Or is she a stubborn pooper??

    She loves to poop on carpet, especially in two rooms downstairs (the formal living room and the formal dining room). She won't poop in the family room; just those two rooms. She is also a stubborn pooper outside.
    How big is the dog?

    She's a rat terrier mix. She's probably between 13-18 pounds.

    Thanks ladies. She's such a sweet dog and a really good companion, but the house is not my house (I live with my parents). I already have to replace the carpet in the dining room because she peed in there and I've had it cleaned and it still smells.

    She had been so good these past two weeks and then she pooped again. I think she needs her anal glands supressed (or so I've been told). Does that cause wierd poop habits?
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    Po wrote:

    She loves to poop on carpet, especially in two rooms downstairs (the formal living room and the formal dining room). She won't poop in the family room; just those two rooms. She is also a stubborn pooper outside.

    Do you use nature's miracle to clean up the mess? Some dogs will only poop where they pooped/peed before. Nature's miracle helps to remove that smell. Another thing that I've been told works is to feed the dog where he pooped inside. Generally speaking, dogs wont eat where they poo.

    How often do you feed the dog and do you feed the dog on a regular schedule. Maybe a more regimented feeding schedule or even feeding 1 or 2x a day could make him more "regular".
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    She eats twice a day.

    When I get up in the morning, I put her outside and then she eats a little while I get ready. I take her out once more before I leave, then she goes in her crate. When I get home, she goes outside and comes in to eat. I take her out a little while later and by that time it's bedtime, so she goes in the room with me.

    The poop problems are on my days off or if I happen to get home early. I guess my presence throws off her schedule. One morning, we stayed outside for at least an hour. I brought her inside and she did it within an hour of being inside.

    I feel so bad because most days I leave very early in the morning and don't get home until evening. I have things to do when I get home and can't watch her consistently. A friend of mine told me to crate her if she doesn't go outside and then take her out in 30min-1hr intervals until she does it. I've tried that but some times it takes up my whole night and it's easier just to leave her in the crate or let her out and find poo somewhere.
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    I will look into the Nature's Miracle. Can you find it at the grocery or do you have to go to a pet store?
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    you can find nature's miracle at most pet stores (petco/petsmart). Very rarely have I seen it at a grocery store. It's worth it to purchase a gallon of the stuff.

    It sounds like she's the type of dog that needs routine and structure - at least for now. If you notice it takes X amount of hours between last poop and last feeding, you may be able to schedule or time the feedings to correspond with a better schedule for you. Feeding Gram 1x a day in the evening really helped with accidents training and such.
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    My dog also had same problem. And he was slowly got infection. My friend suggested me a [url=] clinic [/url]. So don't worry some dog's is stop pooping automatically in the house. You just watch some weeks.

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