redken fresh curls/John Frieda

i'm thinking about buying fresh curls has anyone tried it before?And what about the shampoo for curls by john frieda?


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    I'm playing with the John Freida stuff now. Target had a deal where you get the shampoo, conditioner, and the Dream Curls in a travel bag for $8.88.

    I think the products are really nice. The shampoo has some moisturizing ingredients and frizz fighters (silicone, oils) in it as well as cleaning agents. The conditioner has great slip and detangling properties. When my hair dries, it feels wonderfully smooth and silky. It also tends to tangle less when I use these products. It really cuts down on the frizz.

    But these products, just like most silicone products for me, tend to weigh my hair down. If I'm going for a more wavy look, though, it's the stuff for me to use. It get more curl when I avoid silicone.
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