Pulling out white hairs...

I've been getting white hairs since I was 14, so it is something I have accepted, and I'm not particularly upset at getting more and more of them, although they are getting much more prolific. But, i have noticed that my bathroom mirror is placed so that the right side of my head is in the window light, and I always tend to pull the hairs out from that side, because they are showing up in the mirror. I almost never pull out the left side ones.

Anyway, I was braiding my hair in the downstairs mirror and noticed, my right side is very very much more greying than the left! So...does this prove the old wives tale that if you pull out your greys, it encourages more to grow? Weird...
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But then again, too few to mention...


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    I saw on two shows ( forget the names ) and also read on a few sites that pulling white or grey hairs will get one or more in its place is all a myth , so not true. :D
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    I've got about 5 of them that always grow in the same spots and I pull them out as soon as I see them. So far, they haven't been multiplying. :)
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    I think it is a myth too, keep plucking!! :D
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    I also think it's a myth but the hair stylists yell at me for doing it. Since I've been getting my hair highlighted lighter they don't stick out as much and some of them get colored in the highlights
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