fuzzy chin hairs

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What is the proper way to handle "lady whiskers?" I have very fine, light colored hair, and sometimes on the chinny chin it get just, well, long. And then there is the occasional dark wiry hair as well. Plucking, trimming, waxing? What is considered the norm? I don't wan't to be making some sort of skin care mistake.


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    Do NOT pluck them, please! I made that mistake. It damages the hair follicle, plus if you accidentally break it off at the surface it will be blunt at the end. And they can grow back ingrown. If you are going to wax it is worth it to pay someone. I have waxed myself and I have plucked. As a result I get ingrowns and broken off hairs. It looks terrible. I am saving my money to get lasered because I hate it so much!

    If they are light colored but long, maybe just trim them.
    2/3 mix, just below shoulders, fine
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    OOOOH. Laser. That is a good idea! Where? How much?

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