I need a fresh start.

I started CGing about 2 years ago with amazing results. Then I got lazy, and poor. I still use NoPoo and One C every other day (sometimes a few days in a row depending on my gym sweat). I've still been using Angell but it seems as if if has been more watery the past few months. ? [buylink=]Arc Angell[/buylink] doesn't work for me, too stiff.

I never did spend enough time getting into it all to make a multi-product routine or find out what ingredients did good or bad on my hair. Although, I did want to learn all that, I just didn't have time.

Now my hair is kinda stringy and much drier than when I began. I am having split ends within days of a trim and my hair snaps like spaghetti all day.

What are some good products (CG friendly) to start with? I used Jessicurl products once with bad results. So we will stay away from that.

Anything helps! Thanks fellow curlies!
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