Perms for already curly hair?

Hello everyone! Though I have been lurking around for a while and reading all of the amazing information this forum has to offer, I finally decided that I need to ask you knowledgeable curly girls a question: what do you think of perms for people who already have curly hair? Do they work to tighten curls and make them more uniform?

I ask because I am having troubles with my curls. According to this website, I would say that I have 3A curls. I really love curly hair, but to be honest, mine just isn't doing it for me. It clumps in big, chunky waves on the bottom,yet, on the top I am left with really stringy, wanna-be ringletts. (which really look terrible with the chunky waves underneath them).

I have tried everything. Plopping. Every drugstore product under the sun (my mother isn't willing to pay for salon products, so they aren't an option). Blowdrying with a diffuser, without, and air drying. I have been experimenting for months, but nothing seems to be really making a difference.

In the morning, my curls generally look good, but even with product in them, they are puffy before noon everyday (almost guaranteed). I would like to get a spiral perm because I have always adored tight curls.

So, in your opinion, is this a good or bad idea and why? Do you know anyone who has done this? Is it even POSSIBLE to perm hair that is already curly?

Thanks in advacne for your help, nat


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    I've actually done worked great the first time and my canopy blended with the rest of my hair really well. Unfortunately it never really worked again. The next two times the perm fell out within a couple of weeks and I was right back where I started with hair that was a bit dry and damaged. I wouldn't bother doing it again as I think it's too damaging to be a long term solution. Now I just use a dab of [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink] and plop and that boosts the top well enough for me!

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    I can answer part of this. Yes, it IS possible to perm curly hair. I have had mine permed before, but to loosen the curl. I have rather tight curls which tend to frizz, and my hairstylist recommended a perm. She's a curly too, and had done them before, so I tried it. It did loosen my curl, as she said, but I still had to use products to get the look I wanted. It definitley didn't make my hair wash and go.

    As far as making curls tighter, I don't know if a perm will work for that. Hopefully someone else will chime in.
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