My friend's baby

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I posted before about my friend, J., who is staying with us who has a baby. She ended up leaving the baby (who is 1 year) with her parents in Ecuador because she felt she would not be able to take adequate care of the baby here because she is working and in school. She figured it was better to leave the baby with her parents than with some child care provider here that she had never met before.

Last week she went back to Ecuador to celebrate the baby's first birthday (she had been away for a month). When she got there, she knew immediately that something was wrong. When she told her parents that the baby was sick they said, no she's been like this for a while.

J. was right. The baby was seriously malnourished and needed to be hospitalized. The doctors said she was also showing early psychological signs of neglect.

It turns out J's parents left the baby with their 16 year old maid to take care of her. The maid was feeding her nothing but oatmeal and honey and was obviously not giving her the attention a baby needs to be healthy.

I just can't believe her parents would allow this to happen and not realize that something was seriously wrong! I don't even want to think about if J. hadn't gone back to visit when she did.

This just made me really sad to hear.


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    How terrible! I mean who can you trust if you can't trust your own parents? :cry:
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    That's terrible :cry: Is your friend going to bring her baby back with her?
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    So sad :(

    I'm with IC, is she bringing her back?
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    No the baby is too sick to bring back. Instead, she is staying in Ecuador to take care of her (the baby). This means she had to drop all her classes, lose the tuition money, and will not be receiving her Master's degree this year. :(

    I watched this baby come into the world and I cut the umbilical cord. So it's really upsetting to hear that something like this happened, especially that her sickness is the result of neglect.
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    How sad I would be so ticked at the grandparents if I were your friend


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    Don't you find it kind of odd that your friend would be surprised at this kind of grandparent behavior? I mean...presumably she knows what kind of parents she has...whether they are good caretakers or not. Why would she leave her baby with her parents if they would neglect her?
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    I'm very sad for her baby. I don't even like to think about what that must've been like for her.

    I must say I'm more shocked that a mother would leave her baby in another country to finish up her masters. That was just really surprising to me. I can't imagine.
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    A lot of campuses offer childcare too. She could've stopped by in between classes.

    I'm sorry about your friend's baby. I hope that she can return next year (or whenever) to finish up her studies.
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    wow I'm so sorry for the baby's sake. Thankfully this was found out in time and I hope that she can recover fully and it doesn't affect her development in the long term. What a horrible thing to happen.
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    It was obviously not the brightest plan on my friend's behalf. She has a good heart and loves her child but she does not have much sense. The reason this baby even exists is that my friend did not learn from her previous pregnancies to use contraception.

    RCW, I think my friend assumed the baby would be cared for by either her parents or by an experienced nanny.

    I think she figured that since it was just 2 months, the baby would be ok without her for that period of time. She obviously did not think her baby would be neglected.

    Anyway, yes, it's really sad--I really hope her baby recovers.

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