Labello lip balm

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I was just curious if anyone else here has tried this brand? From what I've read you can get it in Canada, but I ordered it online. I was looking for something that was like a lip balm, had a slight tint to it, wasn't minty/tingly and didn't smell bad or taste bad. Oh, and inexpensive too! I like to wear a little bit of color but lipsticks always taste funny to me and make my lips feel dry. I also wanted such a slight color that if it started to wear off while I was eating or whatever it wouldn't be AS noticeable as a lipstick. I bought the Rose', which is supposed to have a slight tint, but my lips are kind of pink anyway and I don't see much tint with it at all. I also bought the CareGloss & Shine that has more color to it and so far I love it. It's slightly shiny so I don't have to use a seperate lip gloss and has just enough color to liven my face up. It doesn't stink or taste funny so I'm glad to have finally found something I like. I just wish I could get it in the store in the states! Or maybe find a Canadian friend that could ship it to me cheaper than I ordered it online for :D I got it from and got it only a few days after I ordered it. They have some pretty funny stuff on there. Check out the names of the Pu ssy Pucker Pots lip balms..funny stuff. Ok, never thought I could write such a long post on lip balm! :shock: I really need a hobby.


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    I've used the regular (w/o any color) Labello and the sunscreen version. The regular stuff was OK, but nothing special. The stuff with sunscreen was a lot thicker and I had to be careful using it because it turned my lips white if I used too much or didn't rub it in enough.
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    my sister uses Labello all the time. i prefer Blistex or Carmex [which is hard to find here in Canada].

    since i wear a lot of lipstick, i don't worry too much about sunscreen for the lips, though i do try to buy Blistex with sunscreen for those days when i'm not wearing colour.

    my sister loves the Labello, it's too waxy for my liking.
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