QUICK! Someone gives some conditioner recommendations!

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I'm headed to the store here in a bit and need some suggestions!

I have been using Cream of Nature, but I am wondering if it too much for my hair...just kind feel weighed down.....

So I am searching for something that is CG-friendly...free of the silicones, etc.....that has been good!

I've read Suave Trop. Coc. and Suave Smoothie (is that it??)....

Any others??

I am trying to find the right one..and hate to go out and by something 'salon-y' until I get my hair under control. :)


  • echokittenechokitten Posts: 1,751Registered Users
    Suave Tropical coconut
    V05 Calming chamomile and green tea (cheaper too...)I use the previous two for conditioning because they have really good slip and are cheap so I can use plenty and not feel like I am wasting it.
    I use Nature's Gate for the scalp scrubbing part of co-washing mostly because they have really good cleansing formulas and make my scalp feel really clean. I have read that others on the boards have really good success with American Crew Condish for scrubbing too.
    I would strongly recommend using a really good organic sondish like these for scalp scrubbing. Speaking from personal experience this makes a LOT of difference in getting you hair and scalp into good condition for the CG system to really work effectively. GOOD LUCK!
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