Soaking wet or damp

Curlee QCurlee Q Posts: 523Registered Users
I was wondering when do you guys apply your gel? On soaking wet or damp hair. I been doing it on soaking wet, but today didn't get to do it till my hair was damp and I got such nicely clumped curls :)


  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Posts: 15,402Registered Users
    Gel tends to pull moisture out of my hair so I do it on soaking wet.
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  • keepitmovin2.0keepitmovin2.0 Posts: 653Registered Users
    damp for me
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  • kdkd Posts: 291Registered Users
    i put my gel on while my hair is soaking wet, only because i dont have time;before going to work. My 4b friend told me her hair drys in 30mins. My 3c hair takes at least 3 hours before its totally dry. I dont know if that's considered to be a long time or not. but i will try this method this weekend to seec if there is a difference.

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