Please help me find a gel...

OK, so my hair pictures are really old and I really need new ones. My hair is in a shorter style with more layers and in a lot better shape... except I moved to Germany and cannot find any products like I used to use!! Anyway, I am currently trying to use L'oreal Paris Mega Gel but it looks like I poured olive oil all over my head after it dries. The same thing happens with Herbal Essence Humidity Defying gel.

My favorite gels ever in exhistence were: Aussie Tizz No Frizz and Gel+Water. I cannot find anything comparable. :(

Here's a quick summary of my routine:
Creme of Nature on the roots and rinsed to the ends, condition with One C and rinse it all out. Scrunch out water witha t-shirt, add the horrid mega gel and then plop. After about 15 minutes, I usually diffuse dry.

I'm growing desperate... soon I will have to begin straightening if I cannot find a good enough alternative. I'm tired of pony tail days.

PS, I have acess to a PX so it doesn't matter if the products are American (and if I can't find them, my brother can send some over).


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    Aussie Tizz no Frizz is still available but is renamed as Sidney Smooth Tizz no Frizz. I just realized this myself the other day. I have been looking for TnF and passing right over it as it has been renamed. I also like the LaBella Curls gel (pink one) and Sleek n Shine Curl Activating Gel also.
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