Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

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Has anyone done this? i just learned about it and it sounds great. Supposedly it straightens your hair for 3 or so months - and then your hair reverts to it's usual state.
i'm having a hard time figuring out what to do with mine - but don't want to lose the curls for good. this sounds perfect, but i don't know anything about it.


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    My sister had it done about a month ago and she loves it. The treatment is really a deposit of keratin in the hair that has as a secondary result which is the straightening of the hair. My sister loves the fact that she spends very little time blowdrying the hair in the morning when it used to take her about 45 minutes. She also had it done the same day she had her color and highlights done and there has not been any damage to the hair, she actually says that her hair feels stronger, shinier and very manageable. She had it done at Salon Ziba in Manhattan and she paid $300. which a lot more reasonable than the thermal japanese straightening she had done in the past
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    do you know how much blow drying she has to do now - or what it looks like if she doesn't blow dry it?