Learning to love big hair

I feel like my hair will never really be curly or'll always just be a big mass of craziness. I want to wear my hair down but I'm so self conscious of how big it is...and I hate the way it gets in my face. There's sort of a Janis Joplin effect going on.

Anyone have some inspiring stories on learning to love big hair?


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    I'm sorry I don't have any inspiring stories about loving big hair but just wanted to share that I am also struggling with that. I've been doing a modified CG routine for the past few weeks and have been loving how much better my hair is looking BUT I still can't find the courage to wear it all down. I just feel like it gets SO freaking big and I have a small thin face which doesn't help. I always wear a headband or pull the top half up :( . I'm thinking that getting a good haircut would probably help my hair to fall better when it's all down but that's yet another issue I'm struggling with finding a stylist I can trust! :oops:
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    You try using defining products to give you actual curl or wave, and apply them right side up so that no extra volume is induced
    Personally, I love volume, curl or no curl. And oh how i love Janis :D

    eta: Also, if you plopping, try doing your hair without it. It undefines my hair wayy quick.

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    I second what unique said about plopping. I sometimes wear a towel around my wet hair, but I let it hang naturally, then place a towel on top of my head and wrap it round under my nape, not tightly, the weight of the towel can help lessen the volume. I have big hair too, and pointy features which can give me a witchy appearance that I'm very conscious of, so I try to combat the volume.
    As for inspiration, I love Joss Stones big hair here

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