Something Happened and its Not so good

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Something went terribly wrong:

I have never done a DT so Last night i did a ACV rinse and then added this DT that i found on the reciepe list (
to my hair. I made it just as you said. Perhaps i used to much on my hair? I slathered it on pretty good and left it in a bun in a shower cap for serveral hours. I tried to rinse it out last night, just with water though, cause i didnt know what else to do, and it still felt really greasy and i tried again this morning and now its noon and my hair still looks wet (it does have very nice curl though :D ) and it feels like an avacado and still kinda smells like a banana. where did i go wrong? how do you get this stuff out of your hair? obviously, using a shampoo would defeat the moisture purpose of this whole thing right? is this how it is suppose to feel after a deep treatment and i just dont know since ive done it before? how do you get the 'wet' look to go away? please help!! i desperate, i might even go home 'sick' from work my hair looks so bad. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions, im really having a difficult time with this whole curl thing in general.

thanks! ( i will admit that the whole thing really is kinda laughable but i think i might have to wait until tomorrow to really laugh at myself and not cry!! )
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    A CO wash might get it out (cheap condish, handfuls, let it sit for like 5 minutes). Also, a shampoo probably wouldn't completely remove the benefits you put in but would get the excess out. Hope something works! Greasy hair is no fun.
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    I'd go for a non-sulfate 'poo to get it out. Followed by a co wash and some conditioner.
    That's a super heavy DT right there. Coconut milk alone is good enough for me. I've tred avocado and banana but it just doesn't work out for me. Honey is good but I just add it to my regular co occasionally rather than going for this super rich mix. Olive oil is way too heavy for my hair, I can't absorb it and I can't get that crap out for days. :P I prefer sweet almond oil for a heavier DT or jojoba for a lighter. I often use jojoba on the length then almond on the ends. But again, I find that an oil treatment alone or a but of oil added to my co is good. Even oil *and* honey in my co. But I think that this DT is a bit much for most wavies to handle all at once.
    Just water is definitely not enough to get this combo out, IMO. I would at least COwash.
    The good news is that pretty much no matter what, it'll come out over the course of a few days and that wet look will go away. You could always just continue as you normally do then do another ACV rinse in a few day.
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    Thanks for the help, it did come out after a sulfate free wash and a bit of body wash ( i threw out all my shampoos) and i had pretty nice waves the rest of the week. i tried it again this weekend but i used a lot less (it makes a ton, so i felt obligated to use it up!) and didnt leave it on for so long, and i was able to wash it out with just my no-poo and condition as normal. i think your right about it being to much though, i will try just parts of the reciepe in the future instead of the whole thing! Thanks again!!
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