i need knew gel... department store restrictions

curlybassplayer9curlybassplayer9 Registered Users Posts: 15

im a 3c

and i've been using garnier fructise super stay gel
but it makes little white flakes in my hair

and i can only buy gels from department stores


could you help?
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  • unique1193unique1193 Registered Users Posts: 328
    I strongly suggest herbal essences. If you like strong hold, I'd go with the body envy gel or the set me up gel. If you like medium hold, I'd go with the totally twisted.
    Also if you like medium hold and if you can find it (cause i only can get it in this one local store) get the Aura flaxseed gel is amazing. It only costs about $4 and it lasts forever. It gives great volume and shine and hold and most of all- AMAZING frizz control.
    Good luck and post back with what you went with!

    Growing out hair to a little above bsl
    pw: ringlets
  • curlybassplayer9curlybassplayer9 Registered Users Posts: 15
    I bought some of the HE set me up gel (i think thats what its called lol)

    and i see what you're saying about volume, but I have so much hair that I don't need any more volume lol

    and I need

    I'm going to shower later and tell you how it works out.

    also... a dumb question, I know, but....I've never used a blowdryer to dry my hair, and my mom bought this foam universal blowdryer attachment for a diffuser, so now im just wondering...... what do i do?
  • snapssnow92snapssnow92 Registered Users Posts: 170
    i second the HE set me up gel. i love it because it gives me great hold and can be scrunched out and it smells nice which is a plus. it is also kinda inexpensive. heres an idea that i do, in a small spray bottle i put lots of gel (1/2) and 1/2 water. i shake it up and anytime in the day when my hair needs it, i just spritz it a bit on my hands or my hair directly and it works wonders.

  • curlybassplayer9curlybassplayer9 Registered Users Posts: 15
    thats a great idea i never thought of dilooting it

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