framing the face with curls!

I've always wanted to cut strands around my face a little bit shorter so that when i pull my hair up in a ponytail, I won't look bald from the front. Any advice on how I should go about doing this??



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    Hi there,

    i have always done this, even before I realised all my hair was curly, I knew for a fact my front was, since its always been curlier than anywhere else. So, If I wanted to tie back, I had to keep some strands, since I have a big square forehead and my hairline resembles male pattern baldness, a real high bit each side, but enough about that hahaaha. So, I would always tie up, and have two curls dangling each side.

    I have a center part and definite curls in the front, so I pin most back, then take the 2 curls that hang from the middle, and snip them shorter so they reach around chin length when shrunk. If you cut at the beginning of the curl, the end will look natural.
    You could do the same with a few more curls if you want more than one strand. Cut little at first, and more as you see the need, you can always cut more off, not stick it back on! :lol:

    Hope this helps

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    I do it all the time. After washing and after hair has air-dryed, I just grab a couple of curls and snip where I want them to lay. I only do a couple, though, because I'll check it again the next day and make sure it's what I want. Then, I'll check it once more after washing and air-drying again. As long as you only do a couple curls at a time, you won't have to worry about going overboard and cutting too many or cutting too short.
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