Curly-hair products in transitioning hair

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Hi, I'm a newb who just started transitioning in Janurary, and I was just looking at the Mixed Chicks hair products. They seem to really fit the problems my mom and I have, but I still have straightened hair since I've had no problems with it being there. (My mom did the bc in Jan)

Should I still try the products? I don't want to cause any damage to my hair and yet I still want to start taking good care of my natural hair now. I do plan on doing the bc sometime around summer, when its longer, but I really don't want to wait that long.


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    Hey there,

    Well, I never tried those products but I have read a lot of good things about the product line CURLS ...

    I never used expensive products ,I only use the conditioners from VO5 and ake deep treatments myself.

    Take care

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    So Do you think the products by CURLS are good for transitioners because I need a good product line to stick with instead of switching back and forth all the time ?

    I've been transitioning for 1 year and 2 months and 15 days with out a BC but I really don't get regular trims and like 5 % of my hair has relaxed ends and I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT PRODUCTS TO USE BECAUSE I'M TRYING TO GROW MY HAIR and I've been wearing braids but I think I need to get them done over because people have have been talking about my hair and how I should get a perm/relaxer and Ijust feel like I want my natural hair back not straight hair......some people just make me feel like the only way to be beautiful is to have straight hair! :( :?
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    Well, I can't tell you, becuse I haven't been using those products as I already said. I think you must figure out what your hair needs and then get products that treat your kind of hair.

    All I can say is that I never used one spcial product line and I keep my product consume to a minimum.

    I hope you find the products that work for YOU! :wink:

    I have been transitioning for more than 2 years and I never had problems.

    Don't listen to people who pull you down with their bad attitudes and destructive critics. Curly hair is beautiful and if it wasn't meant for you then you wouln't have it. People need to start accepting what nature gave them. My two cents.

    Take care and happy growings


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