I almost forgot my debit card pin #

medussamedussa Registered Users Posts: 12,993
I'm standing there with my toddler in the cart and about 10 bags of groceries. I pull out my debit card and my mind went blank. I panicked. Got it wrong the first time. Was warned that the card would no longer work after the second try. I took a deep breath and tried to visualize the number. I got it right.

Stupid pregnancy hormones. :x


  • KaiaKaia Registered Users Posts: 8,815 Curl Connoisseur
    Whew! :)
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    I've done that too...
    I blamed mommy brain at the time...
    I have to visualize punching in the numbers, then I have remembered...but usually don't use the debit anymore...lol
  • Oregano  (formerly babywavy)Oregano (formerly babywavy) Registered Users Posts: 5,297 Curl Neophyte
    Are you kidding? I got my new debit card w/ the new pin number a couple of months ago. I STILL can't remember what the damn pin number is. I'm usually SO good with numbers - I memorize them, no problem. But this one I'm having such a problem with. I wrote it out a dozen times too, cause sometimes this helps me remember.

    I've already had it retained at a machine b/c I kept using the wrong pin. Whenever I try to use it at a store it tells me invalid pin. I've given up and I just use it as a credit. :lol:
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  • shellibeanshellibean Registered Users Posts: 4,500
    I had to go get a new PIN b/c I forgot mine too!!
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  • medussamedussa Registered Users Posts: 12,993
    It's the hormones, I tell ya! I'm pretty sharp otherwise. :lol:

    I'm just going to have to write it down somewhere. Hey! I just had an idea. I'm going to change it to the last 4 digits of my husband's work number. I'll never forget those numbers (unless he changes jobs). :P

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