Compliments you got for your curls

Hi Curlies! :)

Since there is also the "hurtful comments people've made about your hair"-thread, it thought it would be waaay more motivating to have a thread where we could all share the compliments we got! :D

Sometimes, the compliments were the only thing that kept me going ... even when my hair was a frizzy mess, other people seemed to like it :lol:

When I had just started the curly girl routine, I went to Amsterdam with my class and I was in the hotel room with three other girls. One of them has 2-3a-ish hair, but when she blowdries it it's straight. She NEVER compliments anybody, as she looks best in her eyes ... So we just arrived at the hotel room and had to leave again for a tour around the city and she asked, "has anybody got a brush?" I laughed and said, "well, I don't even own a brush!" (I don't know why I said that, I own a brush but just don't use it anymore ... I think I wanted to tease her ;) .) So she said, "you use a comb then?" - "No, just my fingers." - "What? Just your fingers and your hair looks so beautiful?? - I mean ..." And there was it, the compliment that had slipped out of her mouth :lol:
It was also funny that the very same girl started to wear her hair curly for some days after I had started wearing mine curly! When the other guys from my class asked her where she got those waves from, she said, "you know, yesterday I forgot that I had to wash my hair, so I washed it late in the evening and didn't have the time blow dry it and it got curly over night ..." Yeah, alright. Two weeks in a row and the first time in three years ... it was some sort of a compliment, too.

The funniest thing happened to me about 4 weeks after starting CG. Our family appeared in the local newspaper because of our unusal hobby building model rockets (in the US it's quite well-known). You can look at the article here (PDF). I really don't know why my hair looks so shiny, nor which products I used. (Oh and don't look at my lips, they aren't always that red ...)
Some days after the article appeared in the newspaper I got a call from a woman who said she had seen my hair in the newspaper and really liked and then she suddenly asked, "you've got a perm, haven't you?" and I was like WHAT? do you think that I would do that to my hair ON PURPOSE? and I really didn't know what to say so I just said, "No, I'm sorry, but my hair is naturally curly." She explained that she had the same hair color and length but straight and wanted it to be curly. She wanted to know a good stylist to do it ...

Some days ago two girls from my class told me I had such cute curls and they'd also like to have them ... I was really happy because I thought I had a baaaad hair day that day ...
And last week my grandparents visited us and they usually don't care about how I look as I'm not the prettiest grandchild they have, I think ... but they looked at me and immediately wanted to touch my hair because they liked it so much! I was really surprised.

Whew! I'm so sorry that this post is so long. I just wanted to share all that with you, so that we can all enjoy our beautiful curls!
I'm looking forward to reading some of your positive experiences! :D

(Please ignore if my English sounds weird as it's not my mother tongue ...)
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    A lot of people at work think I got a perm since I've worn my hair straight or in more of a body wave up until about three weeks ago. My hair falls either in really loose curl or ringlets (usually ringlets.) So a lot of people have said, 'your perm looks so natural! How did they get those spirals so even?' :wink:
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    Not a specific compliment per se, but I notice that most of my compliments come at a time when I think my hair looks the worse. I will feel self-conscious because of it, but then some random person will compliment me on it. It makes me realize that my bad hair day can still be someone else's dream hair.
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    About a year after I'd been letting my hair go curly/wavy, I was taking a bus trip to go to my sister's wedding in another city. This guy started talking to me at the bus station before we left, but I didn't see him again after we got on the bus. Several hours later, after our trip ended, I was waiting in the station to call my cousin when the guy came up to me again to ask for directions. We chatted for a few minutes and I gave him directions, and before he left he gave me a big smile and said "you have the best hair. Thank your parents!" :D

    It was really cute - and my mom got a kick out of her when I told her!
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    I had decided to wear my hair curly after wearing it straight for quite a long time and another mom at my daughter's gymnastics class told me that she liked my hair much better curly. She said it was more "sassy", lol. I guess that give you a little insight into my personality!

    Just two days ago I was shopping at The Gap and a sales guy walked up to me and said, "Honey - your curls look sooo great! Who does your hair?" I thought he was asking who cuts my hair, but in retrospect I wonder if he wasn't asking who perms it? Then he said, "It looks so soft, may I touch it?". Turns out the guy is a cosmotologist and just was really interested in hair. I told him about all the curly girl complaints that no one is trained to cut/style curly hair and he agreed. I told him about the site so he could pick up some tips. He was too funny. :lol:
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    Wow Carmen! That's so awesome! Actually, you're right. Ever since going CG, I suddenly get hair compliments! I used to get insults, and hair "advice" and now to get compliments, I'm so surprised!

    It's pretty unbelievable! It's nice to get hair compliments for a change!
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