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last time i went in for a haircut, they did cut it dry, but she layered it twice, and it was 2 inches apart and looked like step hair, i want to go in and fix it since it's been 2 months since then, but what should i do? layers? wait and just grow it all out to one length, bangs? any suggestions?


and a nice big one to show the whole face, cause the others are kinda covering it
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Have no clue what i'm doing lol


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    Hmmm .. I honestly don't know - I think it's gorgeous like it is!! Hopefully someone else can help you decide what to do.
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    My hair is a little shorter than yours, but I have the same problem with layers, I always get the "shelf effect" when I get talked into them. I love my blunt cut, maybe if you had them just trim off a bit at a time till the layers are gone?

    I have to admit though, I've always wondered what my hair would look like in a short layered cut.
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