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Hey guys! I have been using Clinique Dramatically Different lotion for about a year now and would really like to try something new. I recently started using Cetaphil cleanser (the Clinique 3 step started making my ultra sensitive skin dry) and so far I like the way it leaves my face feeling. I have seen their line of lotions (Cetaphil) and one has an SPF, which I would prefer, but hate to spend $10 and not like it. What do you guys use and why do you like it? I have oily, oily and more oily skin which also gets dry patches and always feel a little bit dry after cleansing so I have to use a moisturizer. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks! :D


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    I've been using the Aveeno Daily Moisurizer and it works great. I was a Clinique yellow moisture addict for years but it got to be too heavy. I actually have dry skin and the Aveeno Moisturizer is nice and lightweight. It says it has light diffusing or whatever stuff in it and I think my skin actually does look brighter and radiant :) It also is available with SPF.
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    Olay Complete Face Lotion - Fragrance free
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    I second the Aveeno. I use the Positivley Radiant moisturizer with SPF 15, and I love it. I've also used the Aveeno Positivley Smooth moisturizer with good results, but I don't think it contained SPF.

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    I used to use Clinique's Dramatically Different until I found something I love even more by Estee Lauder. It's called: Daywear Plus Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF 15.

    It's very light and smells like cucumbers but best of all it's very good for your skin. Read more:

    "More than moisture. More than protection.

    DayWear Plus actively shields skin from the multiple assaults of the environment to help prevent lines before they appear--so your skin looks younger longer.

    The secret?
    - An active response anti-oxidant system with a powerful blend of new and natural ingredients.
    - A skin-friendly UVA/UVB screen you can wear AM and PM.
    - An advanced dual moisture system to keep skin feeling moist and healthy.

    Lightweight, oil-free creme. Dermatologist-, Ophthalmologist-tested."
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    I used Clinique moisturizer for years. I developed adult acne. I have changed to the Babor line of moisturizers for nighttime and I use a daytime moisture lotion made by Nicole Miller for during the day -- it's working great for me, and my foundation does not get shiny with moisturizer under it, as I used to with Clinique.
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    The Olay moisturizers always make my face break out. I've lately been alternating between Neutrogena and Cetaphil. I'm not perfectly happy with either, though. The Cetaphil facial moisturizer always feels heavy and makes my skin feel coated . . . and yet, it doesn't cause breakouts like the Olay ones did (go figure). I used the yellow Clinique for years, too, and only gave it up a couple of years ago when I decided an SPF was too important to give up. (And why, really, don't they have any sunblock in there anyway??)

    That said, I very much like the Cetaphil cleanser, and their thick moisturizing cream is great on my dry hands. It's just the facial moist. I'm not crazy about . . . and I'm still using it anyway!
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    Neutrogena Oil-Free moisturizer. They have lots of products in the moisturizing category - for oily skin, sensitive (for me!), and others, including one with SPF, which I also have. They're wonderful - light, non-greasy, less than $8, and I live in the desert, so that's saying something! Good luck!
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