Drier than the desert! Please help!

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Hi all! I read through the previous topics but couldn't find anyone with a problem as bad as mine. *sigh...*

My hair has been dry - and frizzy - my entire life. I've invested in ceramic straighteners and those are fantastic, but there are times when I wish I could leave my hair the way it is without having a long, frizzy bird's nest bouncing around behind me.

I know the problem is the porosity and dryness of my hair. My hair is EXTREMELY porous. Recently I started using Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Deep Conditioner (the one in the round jar) and leaving it on for long hours at a time. This seemed to help, but it quickly hit a plateau where it didn't seem to do anything but keep the dryness somewhat a little less aggravating.

Today, however, I ran out of that conditioner, so I used another storebought basic moisturizing conditioner. My hair CRIED! It was horrible trying to pull a (wide-tooth) comb through the conditioner in my hair, and my hair feels completely dry.

I need something that will POUR moisture into my hair, and hopefully stay there for awhile, even if my porosity won't hold it well. I've thought about almond oil and jojoba oil. I tried olive oil, but it didn't do anything.

Any ideas for quenching this INCREDIBLY thirsty head of mine??


  • chelleyboochelleyboo Registered Users Posts: 10
    get yourself a tub of biolage ultra hydrating balm thats stuff is pure heaven for my dry hair (the tub may be expensive but its soo worth it)
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    Do you live in a hard water area?
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  • frizzytizzyfrizzytizzy Registered Users Posts: 4
    chelleyboo, thanks for the biolage tip! I know they have good products, though I haven't tried any myself yet. I'll grab some today if I can!

    2bforme, I hate to admit this but I'm actually not sure. I looked online for a bit trying to diagnose my county's type of water (Anne Arundel county, MD) but couldn't find anything with useful information. I grew up on well water so I got used to clean water straight from the tap. Where I live now I can only drink water from a filter because it tastes MUCH different, but I'm not sure if that's because it's filled with odd chemicals or because my taste buds are spoiled by well water from where I grew up.
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    Frizzy - I live in SLC, and we have hard water here. You can tell pretty easily - if you have a white build-up around your shower head or faucets, you've got hard water.

    I would try One C for your dry hair problem. I had issues w/ my hair being v. dry, and this helped a lot. Also, on the General Topics board, there's a great thread called the Conditioner Chronicles. It's really insightful. Hopefully this link will work to get you there! :)

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    I'll have to try the Biolage out - hope Sally's has a knockoff! My hair is porous, too. I use GF CnS conditoner to use as a leave-in and no matter how much I put on, I still end up with dry ends after I've put on my styler and diffused (or even just air dried).

    It's getting worse as the weather warms up.
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    Bless your heart! I know what you mean! I started using about a dime size dot of jojoba oil on still wet hair. I scrunch it in and let it air dry. It is GREAT stuff. I have soft hair for the first time... ever!

    Hope some of the suggestions help!

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