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Hi! I wrote in my other post that I just purchased a few MAC items for the first time and am really loving them. I'm very new to MAC and am not all that great w/makeup. I was just wondering if you could help me with a few suggestions of what eyeshadows might look good together (any of them, not just the ones I have-Satin Taupe and Shale).

Any e/s combinations would be great! I'm pale and cool toned with light blue eyes and light brown hair. The nearest MAC is 45 minutes away and I just wanted to have an idea before I got there.

Also are there any "must have" eye shadows and ones I might could do without (warm tones that wouldn't look right on me or perhaps ones like Vanilla that might be easily replicated)?

Thanks so much for any help!
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    Shale was an EXCELLENT purchase!

    it's a colour i'd recommend to just about anyone as the perfect grey-toned purple. :)

    if you're looking for a beautiful neutral that can be worn alone or with a lot of other things, i highly recommend Naked Lunch. it's a shimmering peach shade that goes gorgeously with blue eyes. also consider Mulch, a velvet-texture medium brown.

    Crystal is a lovely, slightly shimmery lilac shade that suits a lot of people too.
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    Thanks so much! Even though MAC is so close, I don't have time to go and am going to order from (free shipping with $50 order..I think). Here's what I'm thinking (and this is based on any yeas or neas would be great):

    Naked Lunch
    Mulch-Do you use this in the crease and what does it go with?
    Seedy Pearl?
    Maybe Honesty?

    Not sure ..only have enough money to get about $50 worth.
    I'm a little conservative so some of the colors on the MAC website freak me out. Some look pretty (Vex, Trax, etc), but I wouldn't know how to wear them. Although I could see my sister whos in college wearing all the funky colors!

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