how to deal with 2 diff. curl patterns?

Hi! I'm pretty new to this whole curly thing, seeing as I've been straightening my hair for as long as I've been taking care of it myself.

Anyway I've noticed that the front/top of my head has a looser curl, that flattens into waves when I let it airdry with no clips or products. Even with product the curl is a lot looser and bigger than in the back. I guess my front/top could be considered 3a orb when you can actually see a curl, and my back is 3c/4a-ish. (Really tight, small coils)

I don't know what to do with it! I can't imagine any type of hair cut that could look good with my hair the way that it is. The cut I have now is really messed up. My left side is poofier than my right, and also the side is very flat while my right side has more of a ) shape.

Just for a visual, its kind of like this, except with the sides reversed.
(O`| (the O is my face, btw)

Also, the back of my hair does not hang. It is more like a very small afro, which causes the looser curled hair on top of it lie straight on top instead of hanging over it, which makes the top of my head look flat.

This is so frustrating and I think everyday about 292767 times about just slapping a relaxer on my hair and being done with it.
I love my curls, though! I just wished they loved me back.

So if anybody has any solutions or comments or anything that could help with any of my problems, I'd be sososososo grateful, thanks!