Questions about long 2B hair maintenance

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Hello everyone:

I have questions about my maintenance routine. I have long and thick type 2b hair that I grew out about 4 years ago. I live in Victoria, BC where the summers are dry and winters are temperate and rainy. Below is a summary of my routine:

  • Wash/condition twice per week (currently using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner)
  • To dry my hair, I squeeze out as much as I can before getting out of the shower. After getting out, I repeat the process with a t-shirt. I then let my hair air dry for the rest of the day.
  • After my hair is try, I will use a leave in conditioner cream (currently use Marc Anthony Argan Oil 3 Day Smoothing Cream).
  • Brush every other day
  • Use alcohol/sulfate-free strong hold gel to prevent flyaways (I usually only do this when I have my hair tied back).
Here are my questions:

1) After rinsing shampoo off my hair, I notice that my hair has a sticky texture to it. This goes away after I use conditioner. Is my hair supposed to be sticky after shampooing? Why is this happening?

2) My ends always get puffy (even after getting a trim). What can I do to reduce/eliminate the puffiness?

3) I frequently get tangles in my hair. This mainly happens when I try to take off my hair band to let my hair down. The hair around my neck is usually the spot where tangles occur. What can I do to stop this?

4) I shed a lot of hair and get annoyed with the hair getting into everything. Would daily brushing help reduce this?


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