Stylist Recs in San Francisco or Peninsula -- and, Hello

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Hello to any and all who might remember  me. I haven't been here in eons. I'm finally ready for my first post-Covid cut (my hair is a mess). My longtime beloved stylist, Teresa Callen, has retired from the business. She has highly recommended a former assistant of hers, Connie of ConHair, in Menlo Park, but I was hoping I could find someone closer. Looking someone who is good with very long hair and  who will respect the length (so, OK if we agree 4 inches but will not then whack off a foot), and who can work well with waves, not only curls, who won't push product on me. I'm also wondering what I should expect to pay; several salons don't reveal pricing until you contact them directly, which makes me uncomfortable.
Does anyone have experience with Connie? What about Geno or Ivy at Hair of the Gods, or Carolina's Hair Heaven (she's formerly of Madu Salon)? Dianne Nola gets a lot of raves online but charges $300 (!) for a new client and isn't taking new clients now, anyway.
Thanks for any suggestions.
PS: I just saw my signature info--boy, that's old and out of date. With this latest forum re-do, I can't seem to find where you can edit your signature.
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