Deva Cut or Conventional (Wet) Cut for 2B Above Shoulder Hair?

CashsMomCashsMom Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 17 Curl Novice
I've gotten 3 Deva Cuts in the last 6+ months.  I'm not really that thrilled with the style or the lack of clumping.  I asked the last time for her to cut the back shorter (I'm not a fan of the short sides and longer back on myself).  My stylist didn't really cut much off the back. I came home and cut it myself.  I've been looking online and it seems for above shoulder length hair, all Deva Cuts look the same. The pics are mostly from the back which looks good but I rarely meet people backwards so I'd like the front to look good too.  I used to have a stylist (who unfortunately moved across country) who cut my hair in a conventional cut and it looked awesome curly. 

What I"m wondering is how many wavies get a conventional cut and how many get a Deva/curly cut?

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