I am a newbie looking for curly friends

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 I am 45 years old I am mixed race. Short hair as a kid because mom didn't want/know how to deal with my 3b/c hair so I don't have fairy knots neither split ends but hair loss and breakage are my nightmare. Do I have to cut my hair? I really don't want to I didn't enjoy my years as a kid with short hair all the way to 14 so I really appreciate my long hair. I have always deal with it alone no family no friends to go to. Friends with hair like mine straighten it so please advice. Thanks 🙂


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    edited April 22
    Welcome to NaturallyCurly!  You don't have to cut your hair, but you could probably use some different products and styling to help with the breakage.   Check out some of the posts by people with your length and type of hair.  They can be really helpful.
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    Hi guys! I am happy to be here :)

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