Frizzy and Flat

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I am newly trying to transition to wear my hair naturally. I have medium brown hair in a range between 2B/C and 3A waves/curls that are a little longer than shoulder length. My hair routine includes most of the Hask Curl Care line (S+C, mousse, gel), the Not Your Mother's Curl Talk leave-in, and an argan oil for finishing. Usually, I apply products on pretty wet hair and do lots of squishing and scrunching to encourage the curl patterns to form, do some micro-plopping (I used to plop but I was struggling with itchy scalp from product dripping onto my scalp and sitting there for a long time), diffuse my hair part way using the hover method (Manes by Mell has a YouTube video about this), and then let my hair air-dry the rest of the way. My hair takes a pretty long time to dry, it's low porosity. Then I scrunch out the crunch with the oil. I am still struggling a lot with frizz and the top layers falling flat while the stuff underneath curls really nicely. I don't know what to do or try next, anyone have any advice?

I will add that I had dyed my hair red (no bleach or lightening) for a little while using a more natural hair dye (I am currently growing my natural colour back out and have trimmed the ends recently), and I occasionally straighten my hair maybe 2-3 times a year.

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