Question about styling permed hair

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I’m a teenage guy, and I chose to perm my bleached hair (probably not very smart, but too late now). My natural hair texture was kind of thick, but it had no volume to it whatsoever. After the treatment, it now has a lot of volume, and it is a challenge to style, especially since I was never that great at styling my hair before (I’d typically just get a basic Ivy League-like cut and leave it at that). In fact, when I’m in a rush to get to school, I just throw a hat on to cover my awful bedhead just because I don’t have the time to properly deal with my hair. I want to try something new, though, hence why I permed it in the first place, so I’m just looking for advice to style and care for my new curls. And, I gotta say, I’m really liking how the curls look and feel (even if I can’t really style them right now).

I realise that I’m not naturally curly, but I’m just looking for help where I think I may be able to find it. Thanks!

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