Help finding fragrance free products

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Lately, I've really been despising my hair because I feel like it never looks good. I think the problem is 1) I seem to be unable to get a decent haircut, no matter who I go to, and 2) I can't use decent hair products. I'm unable to use products with scents so that REALLY limits my options. 

I have been using Jessicurl products because they have unscented options, and I swear they used to work but I've been having trouble lately. My hair looks fairly decent when I wash it, but the next day it's more frizzy than curly. I spray it with water, run my fingers through it, and put a little more product in it. But it still looks terrible. 

Also, I used to think I was a type 3, but now I'm wondering if I'm really a 2C. When my hair is shoulder length or shorter it is curly like large ringlets, but when it gets past my shoulders, it is mostly just wavy/frizzy. So right now it looks terrible because the back is wavy and the front is curly. 

I'm so frustrated with my terrible hair- any help and advice is appreciated!! Thank you!

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