Photos: Aphogee Reconstructor Took My Curls - HELP!

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I started the CGM a little over 2 years ago. At first, I had pretty amazing results with 2b-3a curls, but over time, my hair became less curly. I used SLS free clarifying washes every 1-3 weeks (depending on much time I spent in the pool, etc). These resets would leave my hair pretty dry even after deep conditioning but would look better as the days went on. I have low-porosity coarse hair and I wash with Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo twice a week and currently clarify with Living Proof PHD Triple Detox. I use Jessicurl Alobea as a regular conditioner and Pacifica Pineapple Curls as a deep conditioner on clarifying days. I have a water softener in my home.

Recently, my hair became limp, frizzy, and would not curl. I tried several different products all with no success. I have avoided protein since my hair is naturally coarse and dry Since I condition my hair daily with a protein-free conditioner, I thought maybe I over moisturized and need some protein. To be honest, all the images of overmoisturized hair and protein overload look similar to me, and I've  never been able to get the strand test to produce any measureable results.

So I used Aphogee 2-minute Reconstructor today and now my curls are frizzy and very relaxed with some portions of my being straight. So maybe I didn't need protein afterall. How can I get my curls back? 

Shortly after starting CGM:

This morning after Aphogee:


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