Curls Gone.

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In December 2020, I have decided to cut my hair and dye my hair only two streaks (e-girl trend). Before the cut, my hair was shoulder length and afterwards it was up to my ear. My hair been wavy/curly all of my life. After awhile, my curls was started to disappear. I loved curly hair and didn't like how straight hair looks on me. So, I started to curling my hair with a heating tool. I started to lose hope and stop using the heating tools. It Aug 2021 and my hair is still straight. When my hair is wet its curls but after a while it stops and become straight. Any tips on how I can bring back my curls? 


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    Curly hair rocks, but it can be pretty challenging to deal with. It takes some work to get it to look just right, and if you’re naturally curly-headed, we don’t have to tell you this twice - you’ve learned it the hard way. You’ll also be hard-pressed to figure out the perfect products and routine for your high-maintenance coils. Even after hours of styling and globs of product, it can still look like you just got out of bed. How can you make sure that your curls are always looking gorgeous, glossy and full of life?

     “Curly” is a fairly general term to use when describing hair types. It can cover everything from loose, beachy waves, to tight, corkscrew coils. In order to figure out what products are best for your lovely strands, you first need to determine what type of hair you really have. Is your hair straight at the root and folds into gentle curls towards the bottom? Is your hair so tightly coiled that it produces some sort of zig-zag pattern? These details should give you an idea of what ingredients work best on your hair, how often you should wash and what to look out for in terms of damage. There are many different types of curls, but the basic principles of caring for them pretty much stay consistent.

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