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Hey everyone- newbie here- I just got my first curly hair cut and am looking for products. I have a lot fine, 3a/ 3b, maybe low porosity (I think?) hair that is prone to product build up and gets weighed down pretty easily, but also won't hold my curls for very long (I've never really been able to do more than 1 day hair tbh). The woman who cut my hair suggested water-based products (innersense in particular) but it was honestly a weird experience and she made me really uncomfy with some of her comments so I didn't want to buy more things from her.

I currently have design essentials almond & avocado shampoo/ conditioner but am thinking of switching to bounce curl(gentle clarifying shampoo, curl super smoother conditioner, and curl hair spray)? Has anyone with fine curly hair used this brand or have other recommendations? Also looking for styling stuff (diffuser and maybe a gel?) to give me more volume and hold? 

thank you :) 


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    I wish I could help you.  I have coarse, high porosity, 2b/2c hair so very different.  I used SM Restore and Repair Leave In and Bioterra Gel plus some other random products depending on my hair on that specific day.  :D  but those might weigh your hair down too much.   I'm sure someone else will be along to help you soon.

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