need help with 1) choice of leave-in conditioner and 2) creating volume at the roots

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Hi, I am just starting to transition to natural hair and need help with 1) finding a leave-in conditioner that doesn't dull the shine my hair normally has when clean and 2) creating volume at the roots.

Background: I strongly prefer my hair straight and have blown it dry for decades. However,  as it has thinned and become less heavy (due to menopause & I have been tested as having the balding gene), I simply can't keep it from curling anymore except on the very least humid of days, which are rare in the tropical climate in which I live. So my hair is looking not straight, not curly, but SQUIRRELY, and I know I have to change my ways and go natural and air-drying.  I am in the process of changing over to all non-damaging shampoos, conditioners, and most of the Curly Girl regimen.

My hair: currently it seems to be: 2a/2b, medium texture, medium to low density, high porosity. It seems to be almost straight at the roots but the hairs do grow upward from the scalp so it responds to volumizing methods, and when I have short new hair growth does curl.  The uppermost layer is 2a and visibly dry…, and the lengths are 2b (with some 2c) all over the rest of my head and this hair curls nicely, especially when I have left heavy conditioner or hair masque in it.  I color it with Wella salon products (KP & CT) and am not willing to stop yet.

So about the leave-in conditioner - all conditioners I've ever left in my hair have made it look dull, and cover all shine, whether officially "leave-in" conditioner or not.  The heavier ones make the waves defined and attractive; the lighter ones seem to have little affect.  Can you please recommend a leave-in that will not cover the shine? 

And about body and fullness at the roots - this is important to me, and I am quite intimidated about trying to create it without blow-drying.  I have been learning about layering curly hair products and am thinking I should apply a gel or styling creme for curly hair (after the leave-in), scrunch it all over & fluff at the roots, and then add a dry shampoo to the roots after my hair has air-dried.  Am I on the right track?  Any product recommendations for body and fullness for 2a upper layers? Just FYI, my hairdresser "texturizes" my upper layers to keep them from being too heavy...I think this might accomplish the same goal as root clipping. (?)

I realize that my hair may change a lot in the coming weeks or months…just need some advice here at the start with these two issues that concern me the most.  And thank you so very much for your help!!  


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    Update: I found the "How to Clip at the Roots" on Naturally Curly as well other great volumizing tips!  yay!  I would still like to hear from fellow 2a/2b-high porosity-medium width-curlies re: your favorite styling product for volume.  thanks again.

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