Frustrated with my thin hair :<

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I am becoming sooo discouraged and fed up with my thin/fine hair! I feel like I am doing all the right things, but my hair still remains so soft & see thru. It only gets worse the longer it gets. Sometimes I feel like I will never get a long healthy head of hair because it won't LOOK good, and I will never be able to wear it down. It makes me wonder if all this money that I am spending on growth aids, and expensive products is even worth it, since chances are, I'll end up having to cut it off once it starts getting too long to have it looking decent anyway. I keep running into setbacks, and it is so frustrating!


  • Andrea82Andrea82 Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 1 Curl Neophyte
    Hello, I just want to say that please don't lose hope. It is not a completely uphill journey all the time so there are times when you feel like you've hit a plateau but please don't stop making progress. Whatever way you're taking care of your hair, keep doing it. Ive been using hair growth vitamins for a while now and while there are times when I doubt if they're working, I can definitely see a difference when I look at pictures of myself from two years ago. Ive been taking the Hair G'Sund vitamins from vitaminexpress and they have been good for me. If you feel like your current vitamins arent working well then you can try these too (Hair G'Sund). 
    I hope that you can find something that fits you .

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