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I wanted to post the following, but it won’t let me on the board. Please help or advice for this is also helpful!

Around puberty, my hair changed from beautiful black, straight, shiny, thick hair to completely frizzy, poofy, and big. Over the years I learned how to maintain it better but every wash was a new surprise Hair style for me lol. Usually big and frizzy. 

I started watching videos on YouTube regarding CGM. Tbh I never used conditioner bc it always made my hair feel weird. It sounds weirds but At first I tried to do the CGM without conditioner (just Shea Moisture JBCO Strengthen and Restore shampoo, followed by adding an oil and scrunching), and I saw sort of like beach waves (les poofy but still frizzy). I thought “wow, I might now really have wavy hair” and some parts were even more wavy than others (shocked at what I saw bc I always used to straighten my hairwith my comb and didn’t realize what I was doing). 

Anyways, I researched more about the protein and moisture balance. I thought I had low porosity needing moisture hair bc a youtuber advised that when spraying dry hair with water, if the beads of water stay on the hair, then it’s low porosity. Regarding the hair stretch test, if it doesn’t stretch then it’s needs moisture. I realized this was not the way to go only after a failed attempt and wasting money (after this failed attempt I found a video of real low porosity hair and how it’s very specific- does not absorb water easily). 

Unfortunately I over conditioned my hair with Shea Moisture Maruna & Manuka honey intensive mask. My hair suddenly was weightless and frizzy when dry. I freaked out, so the next day I did a rice protein rinse. Now my hair is more brittle and thin (and sadly flat and not thick At the moment :(( - Hoping it’ll restore itself after a couple days as that sort of happened last time I did a protein rinse). I freaked out again tbh bc my roots feel super dry, and I'm afraid of my ahir falling out when I already don't have that much

[As a side note, I did notice after the moisture session my root area being super nourished. I also have different parts of my hair where the inside of my hair is super nourished and shiny at times but not the outside visible parts- usually frizzy].

All along I’m wondering if my hair 

was more in the middle ranged porosity area, 2b/c wavy-ish, where it never needed deep conditioners nor usually won’t either but rather light shampoos that keep balance? (Again I feel like conditioners just don’t work for me bc I previously noticed with Shea Butter BJCO shampoo roots were starting to do great, but conditioner portions were frizzy and slightly dry.). Since I don’t have thick thick curly hair reflecting back, I also think these intensive masks are not for me

Is it really that I’m sensitive to too much of either? I’m so confused as to what I should do now for my hair, should I even bother with this method? I’m just looking for shinier somewhat tamed hair (even if there’s frizz I’m okay with that bc of the volume it gives and I don’t mind the look on me). I ordered innersense hydrating cream shampoo (also looking for natural/organic products). 

Is this the way to go currently? 

Does the Shea Moisture JBCO have too much protein for my hair if I were to put it in?

Any advice on what safe/natural/organic products I can use to keep this balance or is my hair already naturally very close to balance?


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    please excuse all the grammar mistakes!

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