Please help - transitioning and my hair is falling out

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I have kind of a long story and I'd appreciate any advice: I have a slightly longer than shoulders, 3b hair, I suspect it's low porosity. Natural color is dark brown with some auburn. For close to 10 years I dyed my hair light copper or strawberry blond using the worst drugstore color you could possibly imagine. I also washed it with the cheapest, most chemical drugstore shampoo and conditioner everyday, and brushed it with a brush everyday. I basically did all the things to damage it, except for heat styling (I don't like the feeling. I always air-dried). I had a lot of frizz, and my hair never grew because it would alway break, but it had a lot of volume and looked full and I guess back then I didn't know better (sigh).

On July 2019 I had a bad allergic reaction to the hair color, and only then I started realizing how much I damaged my curls. I stopped coloring and started using Henna instead (I know, I should learn to love my natural color. Hopefully one day). I bought paraben and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, but still washed and brushed everyday. My hair started feeling more thin and oily, but generally felt healthy and was not falling out (yet). In September 2019 I went through a rough, out of the blue breakup after 3 years of relationship. Four days later I got hit by a car and broke several bones. I was on a lot of pain killers and cried 24/7. Three months later my hair started shedding and falling out from the root, and my doctor said it's stress-induced and it would stop after 3 months. Except it didn't. My curls opened more into waves, and would lay flat and lifeless. I'm too scared to count strands, but I'm losing a full hand of hair every time I detangle.
In early May I talked to a friend and she introduced me to the CGM. I  am currently using the Jamaican black castor oil shampoo from Shea Butter (washing twice a week), and the pineapple curls conditioner from Pacifica (every single day). I detangle only with wide tooth comb after working the Shea butter coconut kids detangler and their curl smoothie into my soaked wet hair. I still Henna once a month (100% pure red henna) and I always air-dry. I still lose a lot of hair and I'm really desperate. It's getting a lot of tangles, and it feels very thin and it's way harder to get a nice volume to it. On days on which I don't shampoo it feels oily and heavy. 

What am I doing wrong? How can I stop it from falling out?

Thank you so much!


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