Low Porosity Hair Under Hijab

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Hello everyone,

I have 3b low porosity hair and am looking for recommendations on how to care for it best. Just a bit of background, I actually wear hijab, so I neglected my hair for a long time growing up because, well, because no one ever saw it. It was very damaged at that time, with lots of dryness and brittle strands. I also had a lot of breakage because I never wanted to deal with my hair so I always had it in a messy bun...I know, it was pretty bad. And then years ago, I decided I wanted to get my hair under control, so I did some research and realized how bad sulfates/silicones are. I stopped using those products at that time and started to try the LOC method. This did not work for me AT ALL. I found that curling gels would make my hair crunchy while oils don't absorb and just end up sitting on the outside of my hair, making it look and feel incredibly greasy, even when I only put a little. I got so frustrated with my hair that I ended up getting the keratin treatment which actually improved my hair tremendously. But of course, that was pricey and only lasted a couple months until I was back to square 1.

 I am so incredibly frustrated with my hair as I take care of it and it's still SO damaged and I don't understand why. I don't use silicones/sulfates (unless I'm clarifying my hair, then I use a silicone free sulfate shampoo maybe once a month) and deep condition weekly. I use Shea Moisture's leave in conditioner. I braid my hair under my hijab in a protective style to lessen damage. Despite all this, my hair is still stiff and dry and I don't understand what else to do at this point. It seems particularly damaged on the top and around the crown of my head. 

I use a cotton under piece when I wear hijab but perhaps this is further drying my hair out? Should I switch to silk or satin? Another question -- should I maybe add silicone back to my hair routine? Silicones are supposed to protect the hair shaft and perhaps I am further damaging my hair by not having that protective layer but putting it in physically damaging conditions regularly under my hijab.

Also, I've been thinking about permanently straightening my hair in the meantime so it doesn't look so awful until I can get a better hair care routine. And then maybe my curls would grow back damage free. Thoughts? I'm just so sick of having terrible hair despite all my efforts.


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