Virgin vs. Fractional Coconut Oil

AlgeaAlgea Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 1 Curl Neophyte
Coconut Oil is extremely popular because of its ability to penetrate the hair’s cuticle and reach the inner shaft.

So what is the difference in coconut oils in this regard?  Virgin coconut oil is solid at room temperature, because it contains long-chain fatty acids like Lauric Acid.  Fractional oil has had all of the long-chain fatty acids removed, and only the medium chain fatty acids remain.

So which is superior?  Is it the medium chain or the long chain fatty acids that penetrate into the hair shaft?



  • Curly_EmmaCurly_Emma Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 3 Curl Neophyte
    This is a very serious question that should be asked at least to a trichologist, and better to a chemist-technologist. One way or another, coconut oil used in the products ingredients list without specifying which one, as I thought  :/

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